Violet Crumble - Milk Chocolate 30g- sold out-

Violet Crumble - Milk Chocolate 30g- sold out-
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Product Description

Delicious shattering chocolate coated honeycomb.

Weight 30g


Flake - 32g
The process for making Cadbury Flake is a closely guarded secret and no other chocolate manufacturer has ever managed to recreate it. That's why no other chocolate bar can rival the delicate, crumbly texture of a Cadbury Flake.

Weight 32g
Freddo - 18g
Choc-full of fun, this delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo is made with fresh milk from British farms, for the perfect frog-shaped treat!

Weight 18g
Crunchie - 40g
A chunky, gold bar of delicious honeycomb, smothered in thick Cadbury milk chocolate that shatters into mouth-watering crunchy pieces.

Weight 40g
Mini Dairy Milk Chocolate Buttons - 14.4g
Deliciously simple and simply delicious! Little button shaped bites of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate, made with fresh milk bags of tasty fun!

Weight 14.4g