Ahmad Vanilla Tranquility - 20ct Bags

Ahmad Vanilla Tranquility - 20ct Bags
Item# Ahmad-Vanilla-Tranquility-20ct-Bags

Product Description

Ahmad Vanilla Tranquility - 20ct Bags
Vanilla pods have been prized worldwide for centuries due to their calming and relaxing properties. Possessing a sweet and savoury fragrance, they add a warm and lavish touch to this splendid tea.

Ahmad Teaís masterful infusion of black tea and pieces of vanilla combine for a harmonious blend that will ease you into tranquillity and ward off stress from a busy day. A little milk and sugar helps complete the brew and produces a delectable flavour thatís as satisfying as it is soothing.

Enjoy it with your friends or savour on your own anytime to relax and let your troubles fade away.

This Vanilla Tranquility has received a Great Taste Award. The judges said: "There was a good, sweet, malty tea base here, and also sound vanilla character. The infusion takes milk well, producing a creamy effect with the vanilla."

Weight 40g