UK Royal Standard 12 x 18 Inch Flag

UK Royal Standard 12 x 18 Inch Flag
Item# UK-Royal-stick-harp-lion-3lions

Product Description

This UK Royal Standard stick flag is 12 x 18 inches, sewn around the edges and then mounted on a 24-inch wooden stick. This UK Royal Standard is made from polyester and printed in bright colors to make for an attractive flag.

the Royal Standard flag, which has four quarters representing England (twice, the three yellow lions on red), Scotland (red lion rampant on yellow) and Ireland (harp on blue)

The Royal Standard of the United Kingdom is flown when the Monarch is in residence in one of the royal palaces and on their car, ship, or aeroplane. It may be flown on any building, official or private, during a visit by the Monarch, if the owner or proprietor so requests.