Ahmad Strawberry Sensation - 20ct Bags

Ahmad Strawberry Sensation - 20ct Bags
Item# Strawberry-Sensation-20ct-Bags-Ahmad

Product Description

Ahmad Strawberry Sensation - 20ct Bags
It's a warm June day and peak strawberry season, their fields filling the air with a sweet aroma as the sun shines from above.

Not only do strawberries make a naturally tasty treat but they provide just the right flavour for this fantastic infusion.

Weight 40g

Ahmad takes their exceptional black tea and then combines it with pieces of fruit from juicy ripe strawberries. Serve it straight for a mild taste of strawberry layered with impeccable black tea. Add sugar and the fruity notes from the infusion come alive, especially when served on ice.

Take it one step further and include milk for a lovely rich, yet refreshing, delight. However you prepare it, this blend will transport you to summer bliss.