Organic Mature English Cheddar - Sold Out

Organic Mature English Cheddar - Sold Out
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This delicious mature cheddar has a bold and distinctive taste and is the only USDA-certified organic British cheese available in the U.S. Made in the heartland of England's cheddar region, Organic Kingdom sources organic milk exclusively from cows that are free to roam and graze on the land. This bold cheddar is aged for a minimum of 2 years and takes on a distinctively nutty flavor. The creamy texture is perfect for slicing and pairing with an ale and your favorite charcuterie. This classic cheddar is one worth tasting and adds incredible flavor melted in mac and cheese or grated as a savory finish to an apple tart or pie. Ingredients: Organic pasteurized cow's milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, dairy cultures. Weight approx 7 ounces