Mileeven Luxury Irish Christmas Pudding 900g - Sold Out

Mileeven Luxury Irish Christmas Pudding 900g - Sold Out
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Discover the traditional christmas pudding from the irish Mileeven house, available in 900g. The indispensable cake present on evry anglo-saxon table during christmas and new year's eve. In the british tradition, each family had its own christmas pudding recipe, that was pass down from one genration to the next.

This cake is perfect for 10 to 14 pieces.

Prepared according to a traditional Irish recipe, Pudding Mileeven is made only with natural ingredients and is ideal for vegetarians. To macerate nuts and dried fruit, Mileeven uses Irish whiskey and Stout beer. The combination of the fruits with whiskey and Stout allows them to keep all their softness and improve over time. Christmas pudding can be eaten hot or cold and is delicious with custard or brandy butter. This dessert will bring sweet and spicy notes to your meal