Ahmad Mango Magic - 20ct Bags

Ahmad Mango Magic - 20ct Bags
Item# Ahmad-Mango-Magic-20ct-Bags

Product Description

Ahmad Mango Magic - 20ct Bags
Delicate mango flavour imparts a subtle, warm, and satisfying sweetness to this lovely brew. It's complimented with a base of our finest black tea that forms a brisk backdrop to harmonise with the summery taste of the mango.

The exotic fresh flavour will instantly refresh with a sweet aroma that invigorates at the very first sip. Serve it warm to draw out all the smooth delicate flavour and subtle notes of this luscious fruit. Over ice it can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink that will liven up your day.

Either way, the striking of flavour produced by this blend will impress even the most demanding tea lover.

Weight 40g