Higher Living - ORGANIC

Higher Living  - ORGANIC
Higher Living is an independent British family owned company based in Storrington, West Sussex. For over forty-five years Higher Living have been blending Herbs & Spices for their delicious range of great tasting Tea's. Using only the best quality natural and organic ingredients, all Higher Living teas are lovingly packed by tea experts in rural Gloucestershire using fully recyclable cartons, for added freshness.

Higher Living have an inspiring infusion for for every occasion. From their Organic Green Tea to their popular Best Of British selection pack, each and every Higher Living blend is bound to give you the refreshing taste and flavour lift you crave. So whether you're raring to go in the morning, unwinding at the end of the day, or simply having a cuppa with friends and family, Higher Living teas & infusions will always deliver a refreshing and bright taste experience