Dunoon Wild Blackberries Skye - 4 In Stock

Dunoon Wild Blackberries Skye - 4 In Stock
Item# Dunoon-Skye-Blackberries

Product Description

This gorgeous design by Jane Fern is a tribute to Great British Summer time when the hedgerows are adorned with a plethora of juicy blackberries. This gorgeous Skye shape mug from Dunoon is decorated with plump blackberries its stems and flowers, all scattered with butterfly and lady birds. The design continues around the base of the mug, is reflected on the inside of the rim and down the handle.

Capacity: 0.42l Height: 103mm Diameter: 115mm

A Note From Dunoon: Our customers expect a very fine, lightweight body, and in the case of the Skye mug the weight of the long sweeping handle can cause the mug to distort slightly when firing. All ceramics are prone to this, however the Skye mug is more susceptible as it has a large volume and supported by an elegant narrow foot.

We could minimise this by adding more weight to the body, but then the mug would be heavy and wouldn’t provide our customers with the translucency and lightweight finish, which they expect from a Dunoon mug.

Our Skye mugs are cast by hand and we try to minimise any leaning as best as we can during our manufacturing process. We do have a standard for inspection and selection purposes.