Dots Children's Tea Set for Four

Dots Children's Tea Set for Four
Item# pink-basket-ceramic-colourful-dots

Product Description

Colourful Dots Children's Tea Set for Four is made out of sturdy ceramic. This 18-Piece Tea Set in a Basket is a perfect little Children's Tea Set for Four. It is adorned with beautiful designs and it all fits perfectly in the basket. It will surely delight any child.

Designed for ages 5+, this adorable set has a picnic basket that holds the entire set, and conveniently clasps shut. The pieces are child size. Beautiful and fun, whether you are hosting a tea party or just playing kitchen. These pieces are food safe so you can drink or eat with them. The tea sets can be washed with a non-abrasive cleaner. The tea set and the basket are all certified and meet children’s safety standards. Do not microwave. Hand wash only. Designed for ages 5+ Made in China, this tea set meets the standards for product safety from the U.S. FDA and California Proposition 65.