Crozier Blue - 2 In Stock

Crozier Blue - 2 In Stock
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This rich, creamy blue sheep's milk cheese has rapidly grown in popularity since it was first launched in 1993. Crozier Blue has just been presented the Food Writers Guild Guaranteed Irish Good Food Award (March 2005). This prestigious award honors outstanding Irish food products with a record of excellence, quality and consistency over a period of at least three years. In addition, Crozier Blue has received numerous gold and silver medals in the British Cheese Awards and World Cheese Awards. Milk comes from the Crozier Friesland sheep flock which graze the lush limestone pastures near Cashel, Co. Made by the Grubbs (famous for their Cashel Blue), Crozier Blue is a similar recipe to Cashel, but was designed to showcase the unique flavor of sheep's milk. Crozier Blue is made from pasteurized sheep's milk, vegetarian rennet, cultures and salt. The cheese is matured gently for three months prior to sale to achieve a delicate balance of flavors - the natural sweetness of sheep's milk, a mild saltiness, nutty overtones, and delicious blueness.

Crozier Blue is slow to mature. It can be eaten when young and crumbly, or, for a subtle flavour and creamier texture, it is best kept to mature for at least four months from date of manufacturing. Made from pasteurized sheep's milk.Approx 7-8 ounces