Aero Melts Neapolitan Ice Cream Pouch 86g

Aero Melts Neapolitan Ice Cream Pouch 86g
Item# pouch-aero-choc-cream-straw

Product Description

Discover the new Aero® Neapolitan Ice Cream flavour Melts. Enjoy the light yet indulgent flavours of strawberry, vanilla, and milk chocolate aerated buttons, all together in one bag to make up the classic Neapolitan ice cream experience.

Part of the Nestle® Ice Cream Collection - Look out for Munchies® Cookie Dough and Milkybar® Rasberry Ripple Buttons out now!

Enjoy every bubbly piece together when you spend time with the family, or indulge with friends when you’re catching up. Take one and feel it melt on your tongue as every single bubble is released, and revel in the pleasure of the delicious flavours. Aero® is famous worldwide for its unique, bubbly texture, and has been for decades.

Aero® was first launched in 1935 and since then we’ve been creating even more ways to enjoy Aero®, such as Aero® Bubbles, the perfect way to spread the bubbly joy. With new flavours such as hazelnut joining the range, there’s an Aero® for everyone.

When it’s time for a treat, pick up an Aero® and feel the bubbles mel.