Smarties Penguin 4pk - 74g - Sold Out

Smarties Penguin 4pk - 74g - Sold Out
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Product Description

Smarties Penguin 4pk - 74g - Sold Out
Shake up their Christmas with new SMARTIES® Milk Chocolate Christmas Penguin Multipack!

These fun, colourful penguins are perfect as a treat in the run up to Christmas. Which colour will you choose? Blue, pink, yellow or green? Whichever colour you pick, each penguin is full of mini Smarties® for you to enjoy!

Bring some Smarties fun into your life! Yummy smooth milk chocolate sweets covered in colourful crisp sugar shells. Nestlé Smarties Penguins contain red, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, brown and orange mini Smarties inside a delicious milk chocolate figure. Release the colourful fun of Smarties!

Weight 74g