Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Candle

Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Candle
Item# QEII-Candle-UJ

Product Description

As a gesture of respect and appreciation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Country Candle Company has created this Limited Edition Candle, a true keepsake. As we mourn with the nation, they wanted to create a memorial gift to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s life, to thank Her Majesty for a lifetime of service, and show our appreciation for her faithfulness and dedication in leading the Nation for 70 years.

The Country Candle Company is pleased to make a donation to The Princes Trust Charity for every candle sold to support the great work being done, helping vulnerable young people to get their lives back on track.

The Fragrance: Velvet Rose The Rose, our nation's flower and emblem, is a truly British icon, much like Queen Elizabeth II. The red rose symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage, and as we reflect on Her Majesty’s extraordinary lifetime, we see how perfectly fitting the symbolic reference to the Rose is. Join us and light the candle in remembrance.

Dimensions: Burn Time: 30-35 Hours