Organic Wyfe of Bath - Sold Out

Organic Wyfe of Bath - Sold Out
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Succulent, nutty and creamy, this semi-hard, organic cheese is redolent of buttercups and summer meadows. It is made by placing the curd in cloth lined baskets, it retains the basket shape and has a soft light caramel color. Wyfe of Bath takes its name from Chaucerís Canterbury Tales and, like the tale, when you cut into a Wyfe of Bath you will get a taste old England. Park Farm in Kelston, England is home to an array of award-winning organic cheeses, including the famous Bath Soft Cheese and Wyfe of Bath Cheese. At Park Farm, the family has been happily milking a herd of cows for three generations. A few years ago they thought they would try making cheese. The cheese is made in the same buildings in which the owner's grandmother made her cheddar. The cows are just a few hundred yards away, where they produce the exceptional milk for this organic, Gouda-style cheese.