Flahavan's Original Granola Pouch - 450g

Flahavan's Original Granola Pouch - 450g
Item# flahavans-original-granola-pouch-450g
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Flahavan's Original Granola Pouch - 450g
A deliciously indulgent oat granola with fruit, nuts and seeds. Use as a fruit topping, with yogurt, or as a cereal or snack.

Quick Oats Portable Porridge are individual servings of porridge that can be quickly prepared by adding milk and popping in the microwave for 90 seconds. Alternatively they can be prepared by just adding hot water and stirring. They have strong appeal to those who care about their diet and are looking for a healthier alternative for on-the-go eating due to their easy preparation method and portability benefits. Made using 100% wholegrain and organic porridge oats, Quickoats portable porridges are free from artificial additives, are low in salt and saturates and are an excellent source of dietary fibre.

Weight 450g