Cahill's Farm Cheddar Assorted - Porter/Whiskey/Red Wine

Cahill's Farm Cheddar Assorted - Porter/Whiskey/Red Wine
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Product Description

Located in County Limerick and recognized as the originator of fine Irish cheese, Marion Cahill of Cahill's Farm has developed an interesting range of flavored cheddars. Using a base of tangy Irish cheddar, she has experimented with a variety of flavors and has come up with some very popular combinations.

Named after the Smith O’Brien home of Cahermoyle, Ardagh, where this medieval monastic cheese was revived about a hundred years ago. This is an adventurous red waxed cheese, veined with red wine, was revived from an old Limerick Palatine Recipe. It has a sharp taste with a strong presence of dry red wine. Enjoyed best on crackers or crisp-bread with a glass of vintage port.

"Red Wine - Sold Out" Weight 7.5oz