British Style Masks

British Style Masks
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British Style Masks
The fabric used for the British Masks has been imported from the UK.

This is NOT a medical mask. This mask has a cotton exterior and flannel interior for your comfort. Has stretchy component to wrap around each ear. You can hand wash with soap and water and let hang dry or machine wash. Men's and Women's/Teen sizes have pipe cleaner in the nose piece for a better fit.

All proceeds from the sales of the masks are being donated to a local family whose father has been in the hospital.

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Guardsmen - Women/Teen

Grey with UJ hearts - Women/Teen

Navy with UJ hearts - Women/Teen

White with UJ hearts - Women/Teen

London Scene - Men

London Scene - Women/Teen

Landmarks - Men

Union Jack Flag - Men

Union Jack Flag - Women/Teen

Irish Icons - Men

Irish Icons - Women/Teen

St. Andrews Cross - Men

St. Andrews Cross - Women/Teen