Ahmad Bauble Ornaments Collection - Loose Leaf

Ahmad Bauble Ornaments Collection - Loose Leaf
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Ahmad Bauble Ornaments Collection - Loose Leaf
Three bauble ornaments containing three specialty black teas.

Cardamon & Orange: A festive balance of orange zest and cardamon spice delivers a warm and vibrant flavour. The subtle notes of Ceylon and Assam teas combine delightfully. Can be enjoyed with a splash of fresh milk if desired.

Royal Early Grey: A superlative fusion of Ahmad's finest loose leaf teas. Selected for their smooth and refined character, and enriched with our award-winning bergamot. An elegant and fragrant masterpiece that's perfect for an afternoon tea.

Royal Breakfast: The ultimate British cup. Expertly selected rich, malty Assam teas, blended with bright Ceylon and robust Kenyan leaf for an exquisite and satisfying taste. Delicious and satisfying harmonies of flavour that can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Weight 60g