Redbush Rooibos - Tetley 40 bags - Sold Out

Redbush  Rooibos - Tetley 40 bags - Sold Out
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Redbush  Rooibos - Tetley 40 bags - Sold Out
Naturally caffeine free and as hydrating as water it can be enjoyed hot or cold. Try with or without milk and sugar. Carefully sourced… from the Cedarberg region of South Africa, contributing to the local economy & development of its inhabitants. 100% Natural…Tetley redbush leaves are hand picked from the rooibos plant, grown only in the Western Cape of South Africa, before being cut and dried – nothing is added! Skilfully tasted… all their redbush infusions are quality checked at least 8 times. Expertly blended… their unique Tetley superior cut redbush is sieved longer to create a finer redbush infusion that is full flavoured and naturally caffeine free. 40 count x 2.5g each bag = 100g